How any business can
SCALE & LEVERAGE using Virtual Assistants.


Why Choose Us?

Sphere Rocket VA provides virtual assistant services to real estate agents and other businesses. We also provide reliable and excellent virtual assistants.
Also, Sphere Rocket VA offers remarkable services at competitively-priced rates delivering virtual assistant services for business and ensuring business productivity, reliability & help you to your crucial tasks.


  • Monthly Contracts
  • Virtual Assistant is an Employee of the Placement Company
  • Monthly up-charge on Rate Paid to Virtual Assistant Forever
  • ​Monthly Full Time Rate of $1,000 - $2,000
  • ​$500 - $1,000 Goes to VA


  • NO Monthly Contracts
  • ​Virtual Assistant Works Directly with YOU
  • ​No Monthly up-Charge on Rate Paid to Virtual Assistant
  • ​One Time Placement Fee
  • ​Monthly Full Time Rate of $500 - $1,000
  • ​$500 - $1,000 Goes to VA


"Sphere Rocket Virtual Assistants" is NOT for Everyone.

It's NOT for Lazy Business Owners
It's NOT for a Silver Bullet Chaser
It's NOT for just any Business Owner
Sorry, Guys. Maybe next time.

The Good NEWS is:
It's ESPECIALLY Designed For Small Business Owners!

Who cares about Productivity
Who Thinks Big
Has a Positive Mindset!

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Meet Some of the VA's We Have Placed With Clients Like You

We share this as we always get the question, what are the english skills and accents like! Depending on the role you need, we can help you find the perfect fit!

This is our streamlined process!

We know how much time and effort is involved in finding a virtual assistant. That's why we have an easy-to-use streamlined process for you! Sphere Rocket Va has an innovative process that makes doing so quick and painless. Check out these steps!

The Sphere Rocket VA Program

We provide a training guide to working with a Virtual Assistant and also a guide to managing your Virtual Assistant! We also provide trainings for every hired VA's.

Are you looking for a way to market your business without having to do all the work? A Virtual Assistant can help. They are able to provide administrative support, social media management, etc.

If you are looking for a way to dramatically improve your productivity and get more done in less time, then you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Hi, I am Justin Nelson

"And I have been in your shoes."

1. I am a Real Estate Agent. I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to speak live in over 35 states in 2019 alone to over 10,000+ real estate agents and coached some of the top agents in the industry. 

2.  I Own Sphere Rocket VA. We are dedicated to helping all industries learn and harness the power of a virtual assistant from start to finish.

The Reason why
I Created Sphere Rocket VA


"You can't afford an assistant yet" ---- Even Though I was making way into the six figures (multiple at this point)

I was told a $48K a yearly salary was a lot of risk to take on!

So once I learned how I could get a Virtual Assistant for as low as $2.50 Per Hour..... I was skeptical

But then....before you know it, I had over 12 VA's of my own across 4 of my different companies

Profits soared higher than ever and inversely my stress went down.

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So, are you ready to hire a Sphere Rocket VA?

The time is now! Why let your day-to-day tasks pile up when you could hire a virtual assistant to take care of them for once? You won't regret it! The future of hired manpower awaits you--click the button to the side and hire one today!

Providing you the best and reliable virtual assistants for your business.